Max Vogler

Creative Software Engineer driven by climate change, passionate about electronic music, and nostalgic about pixel art.

10 years of professional experience working at Fortune 50 companies, startups, and agencies in different countries.

Sustainability features & models for Google Search, Flights, and Trains
Scalable platform for digital forensics and incident response at Google
Image processing microservices for autonomous driving labelling pipeline
Distributed services for SAP's email delivery and engagement tracking
Email sentiment analysis pipeline for IBM's support teams

Tinkering with software & hardware for the last 20 years, mostly intersecting web technology with audio & games.

Augmenting DJ technology with novel modes of interaction
Building educational audio web apps with Chrome Web Audio Team
DEFRAG~98 game: Escape reality and defragment your Windows 98 PC.
Interactive exhibit & workshop of vintage websites.
Backend contributions for YouTube Music's Infinite Bad Guy
Pawmodoro: Whimsical productivity tool with cat stickers

Happy to speak & mentor at conferences, universities, hackathons and participate in creative events of all sorts.

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